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Crude Oil Futures Are Reaching a Decision Point

I like the potential of being bullish on crude oil futures for next few weeks! Here are a few ways you can do this:
10 Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles From a Mexican Wedding

Whimsical flower crowns, stunning lace veils and gorgeous bridal updos that you need to copy, stat
How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards? Closer Than You Think, Whether You Want Them or Not

Fingerprint-based credit cards have long been part of the “future” discussion of financial payments. But is that future right now?
See Every Piece in the Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Hint: It's rose gold, icon-inspired and all-around fabulous
What Ticks Off U.S. Consumers the Most

The list of service providers that earn the wrath of the Great American Consumer is a long one - and here is who leads the list.
Courteney Cox: Cosmetic Work Made Me Look 'Horrible'

Courteney Cox admitted recently that she regrets some of the cosmetic procedures she's had done, Time reports. Cox was appearing on Running Wild with Bear Grylls on Monday, and while trekking through Ireland in the wind and rain, she said, "I have done things that I regret, and luckily theyre...
Ex-Host Sues: Fox Like a 'Playboy Mansion-Like Cult'

The departure of Roger Ailes hasn't stopped the legal trouble over sexual harassment claims at Fox News. On Monday, former host Andrea Tantaros sued the network, Ailes, and other Fox execs and alleged that she was punished after she complained about inappropriate remarks by Ailes, reports USA Today . According to...
Parental money to Adult Children: Do Loans Work Better Than Gifts?

Those who want to help their adult offspring financially have a choice to make – loan or gift?
How Road Warriors Conduct Private Conversations as They Combat Noise Pollution from Other Travelers

Having business conversations can be challenging and many travelers are forced to retreat to their hotel room.
How Road Warriors Combat Bland Hotel Rooms

When work takes you on the road, it's important to make the road feel like home.
You might be surprised to find your car warranty has expired

Your dealership's service department might not be telling the truth about your mileage limits.
Haven't filed a tax return in years. Now what?

To keep from feeling overwhelmed, follow these steps to prepare for getting IRS help.
Top 5 Shareholders of HSBC

Learn about the business profiles, operations and investment strategies of the five largest institutional shareholders of HSBC Holdings plc.
4 Fintech Firms Emerging in San Francisco (PYPL, BBVA)

Learn why fintech companies are prospering, and discover three emerging companies in this realm that are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Can Justin Bieber's PR Guy Save Ryan Lochte's Image?

As Ryan Lochte quickly moved from brave robbery victim to possible gas-station vandalizer , he's "taken a beating" in the press, so "it's no surprise" the Olympic swimmer has hired someone to help with his image, according to the Hollywood Reporter . That someone is Matthew Hiltzik, a "PR guru" who has...
How Financial Spread-Betting Companies Make Money

How to evaluate spread-betting companies and find the right broker.
Cops: Real Estate Agent Did the Deed in Home She Sold

Before the new owner of a home in Friendswood, Texas, could even hook up the appliances, an entirely different kind of hookup apparently took place inside. At least, that's how it appears after the real estate agent who sold the property was arrested for allegedly having sex inside the home...
How to buy part of neighbor's driveway and land

The owner of the neighboring property may be willing to work with you. Follow these tips.
3 ways to refinance a HELOC before it starts to sting

Your payments could go up drastically once your home equity line of credit turns 10.
How Much Exercise Do You Really Need to Protect Against Disease?

A new study has linked physical activity to lower risk of five common diseases—but we have to move more than experts currently recommend.
6 reasons (5 good, 1 bad) to spend your home equity

There are many reasons to tap home equity, but some of them might not make sense for you.
What Your View of the Olympics Says About Your Personality

How much you value silver and bronze medals can offer clues about your happiness, according to a new study.
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Urban Outfitters: 'Some People Who Worked Here Were Stupid'
Philadelphia Magazine takes an in-depth look at one of the city's most iconic companies, Urban Outfitters, and its efforts to overcome a slew PR disasters in recent years. Writer Jason Fagone puts them in the three categories of "outrageous product" (like a Kent State shirt that seemed to have a... More >
Latest News
Verdict Is In for Artist Who Insists He Didn't Paint Picture
A case Artnet.com calls "one wild ride" may finally be over after a federal judge ruled Tuesday that artist Peter Doig wasn't the painter of a painting owned by an ex-corrections officer—and that the man and his art dealer couldn't sue Doig for foiling plans to sell the... More >
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