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Weak Holiday Spending Puts Stocks in Sour Mood

Consumers appear to be pulling back on holiday spending, and that is causing worry in the stock market.
9 Winter Perfumes That'll Make You Pray for Snow

From snuggly nights by the fire to swinging holiday soirées, find the right perfume for every winter occasion
Is Your Connected Home Spying on You For Criminals?

The Internet of Things offers greater convenience -- for customers and criminals alike.
Best Drugstore Dupes for High-End Hair Products

We pit luxury hair products against their drugstore counterparts -- find out which are worth the splurge
Stocks Extend Drop in Final Hour as Retail Lags

Stocks extend their decline by the final hour of trading as fears over a lackluster Cyber Monday hit the retail sector.
Adele Just Broke a Big Sales Record

Not shocking: Adele's 25 is selling like mad since it was released Friday. Somewhat shocking: The record it just broke was previously held by ... *NSYNC. As Billboard reports, 25 had sold at least 2,433,000 copies as of Monday, meaning that in just over three days of sales, Adele...
Why Sofia Vergara Posted Wedding Pics on Instagram

Newlyweds Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello might have cashed in by selling their wedding photos to a celebrity magazine, but instead they posted the pictures online, and the benefits could be priceless. Vergara shared 55 photos from her wedding weekend on Instagram , from the romantic, flower-filled setting to her first...
These Countries Have the Smartest High School Kids

According to a report commissioned by OECD, 24% of U.S. students fail to meet a basic level of skills after they leave school.
What To Do (And What Not to Do) With Your Year-End Bonus

Here's how to wake up on New Year's feeling you did the right thing with your year-end bonus
Heres How to Talk Money with Family, Friends, This Holiday Season

Money can be a taboo topic around the holidays - here's how to handle it.
Video: What you need to know about home equity

Need to pay for a big expense? Learn how you can use your home equity to pay for it.
Best way to pay for home improvements?

Here's how to review your borrowing options when your home needs a serious facelift.
Is Malaysia a developed country?

Learn why Malaysia, as of 2015, is not considered a developed country despite having a relatively high level of industrialization.
Best 3 Online Auto Loan Calculators that Include Tax

Learn where you can find the best auto loan calculators online that include sales tax, and understand the different features these calculators offer.
Jared Leto Apologizes for Loud Party With Pie

Jared Leto threw a wild party on Halloween, but he made it up to his irritated neighbors just before Thanksgiving ... with pie. Autographed pie, that is. A couple of the actor's neighbors in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles posted pictures on Twitter last week showing Whole Foods pies...
Pay Attention To These Stock Patterns Playing Out

The stocks are all moving different types of patterns. A breakout could signal a major price move in the trending direction, or it could reverse the trend.
Creatures Grow Heads, Brains of Other Species

Worms can grow the head and brain of another species? Then maybe we can do better at regenerating our own organs and tissues. That's the thrust of a new study by researchers who got flatworms to grow the heads of other flatworm species without any alteration to the worms' DNA,...
5 science tricks for smart shoppers

Marketers use science to get you to buy more. Harness some of that power for yourself.
The top 10 states for foreclosure last month

Take a look at the top 10 states for foreclosure?last month?and see if yours made the list.
19 Ways Your Body Changes When You Fall in Love

Those butterflies in your stomach aren't just in your head. Here are some of the ways falling in love can affect your body.
Will stagnant US economy hurt my savings bonds?

America's credit rating has slumped as debt soars. Should I worry about my savings bonds?
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Cab Passenger Rants About ISIS, Attacks Driver
Around 1am on Thanksgiving day, a Pittsburgh taxi driver picked up a man outside Rivers Casino—and ended up in a hospital bed after a possible hate crime. The passenger was talkative: "He started the conversation and began to ask questions like, ‘You seem to be like a Pakistani guy.... More >
Latest News
Why Amy Schumer Posed for 'Ugly, Sexy' Nude Pic
Amy Schumer, posing in her undies with tummy folds? Serena Williams, similarly dressed while showing off her buff physique? The Pirelli Calendar—which usually shows skinny models and actresses in soft-core poses—is breaking from tradition this year by using photos of successful women across various fields, the Daily Beast... More >
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