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Chinese Property Developer Sunac Drops $1.2B Offer for Troubled Rival Kaisa

Sunac's decision casts further doubt over Kaisa's ability to service its $11 billion of debt, including about $2.5 billion of offshore loans that it defaulted on in April,
12 Days of Giveaways

"Like" us on Facebook, and spread the word for a chance to win fabulous prizes during the month of December!
Moves To Protect Workers From Financial Loss But May Cost Some Thousands

In an effort to protect employees against discrimination based on disability, the EEOC published its proposed rule on the application of the ADA to employer wellness programs.
7 Sheet Masks Under $15

These mummy-ish sheet masks are super-luxurious and exactly what your skin needs
Ex-Lehman CEO Lobbies for Little Guy; Banks Are Ugly Ducklings: Finance Winners & Losers

Former Lehman CEO makes rare public appearance, SEC hires Goldman Sachs lawyer, Citigroup says trading volumes are down, and banks need love too.
Trevor Noah Gets Daily Show Debut Date

Comedy Central says Sept. 28 will be opening night for Trevor Noah as the new host of The Daily Show . The 31-year-old South African comedian will be stepping into the job held by Jon Stewart since 1999. The previously announced departure date for Stewart is Aug. 6. The parody newscast...
More Bad News for the Duggars

Still no official word from TLC on whether 19 Kids and Counting will be canceled in the wake of the Josh Duggar scandal, but multiple sources connected to the network tell TMZ it's looking like that's what will happen. "If you're betting, you'd be wise to put money on the...
Most Big Auto Insurers Are Just Taking Advantage of Your Low-Mileage Driving

Auto insurance companies seem to be taking low-risk drivers for granted, but consumers aren't standing for it.
You Don't Know as Much as You Should About 529 Plans

Two thirds of Americans don't know what a 529 plan is, but even those who know it as a college savings tool don't realize it can help in other ways.
Waiting Just a Few Years to Go To College Can Save You Tens of Thousands

Deferring the college experience might be the best way to save big bucks.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's house for sale

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have listed this big house in the Big Easy, but they aren't moving far.
Seniors, strike it rich: Make a million after 70

If you're determined to do so, you can make a million bucks even in the twilight years.
Is Pfizer's Dividend Built to Last?

Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) is the prototypical Big Pharma giant. Among megacap pharmaceutical names, Pfizer generates more revenue from the sale of pharmaceutical products than any other company. During its first quarter, Pfizer delivered a little over $5 billion in sales from its global established products segment, which is comprised of branded therapies that have given way to generic competition, or innovator drugs with minimal exclusivity remaining on their patent.
Which US cities have the highest number of high-income households?

Learn which U.S. cities have the highest number of high-income households and why they were able to attract such a large number of wealthy people.
5 Celebrity Wines That Are Actually Kinda Good

The staff over at E! Online has offered up a pretty amusing taste test of 15 celebrity wines. Here are five that were reviewed pretty wellplus, just for fun, three that most definitely were not: Drew Barrymore's Pinot Grigio: "I would actually buy this and make her more rich....
Pros & Cons Of Day Trading Vs Swing Trading

Day trading involves making dozens of trades in a single day, based on technical analysis and sophisticated charting systems. Swing trading is based on identifying swings in stocks, commodities, and currencies that take place over a period of days or weeks.
Woman Who Had Sex on Beach Learns Her Fate

Earlier this month, Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were found guilty of lewd and lascivious exhibition for having sex on Florida's Bradenton Beachand they faced a pretty stiff maximum sentence for their tangle in the sand: 15 years behind bars. Yesterday, Alvarez learned her time in jail won't be...
12 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Get smart about stress-eating. Skip the chips and fill up on these potentially anxiety-reducing foods.
Do I have to pay tax on my home-sale profit?

You have to meet certain IRS requirements to qualify for the home-sale exclusion.
Home loan options for paying college costs

Good news: You have equity in your home. How can you use it for college?
20 Must-Have Gadgets for Exercising With Your Dog

Expert-approved gear for playing fetch, setting up an obstacle course, or running with your dog.
Get a mortgage to buy a condo? It's easier now

Mortgage banks are lending more freely to condo buyers. Here's why.
The Secret to Sofia Vergara's Toned Abs

Tone and sculpt a flat, tight stomach with this simple stretch.
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Tattoo Risks Greater Than Thought
A new survey of those who have gotten tattoos suggests that more people than realized suffer a nasty skin reaction as a result. NYU researchers determined that 10% of people suffer short-term complications such as a rash, infection, or swelling that last for days or weeks. But the scarier stat... More >
Latest News
Sex Abuse Was Rampant at Elite Private School: Report
"There was this widespread assumption that if you put your child in a private school that they were in safer space." That's the reaction of a professor who consulted on a new independent report into sexual abuse at NYC's elite Horace Mann School—an investigation that found worse abuse than... More >
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